Mini Projects - 2019/2020

Making Interlock Paving Bricks from Waste Plastic (Eco-Bricks)

Plastic wastes are non-perishable waste. So, plastic waste cannot be easily recycled. This plastic waste pollutes the environment. Due to plastic waste’s non-corrosive properties, many countries and institutions in the world today are getting rid of plastic as much as possible. However, Sri Lanka does not use many options in this perspective. Therefore, our team proposes the idea of recycling plastics in an environmentally friendly and economically efficient manner.

This method of recycling plastic waste is mainly used in African countries and India. The project is about how to recycle plastic waste by making plastic paving bricks. Plastic bricks are made of plastic that is five to seven times stronger than concrete.  Through the project; the ways that can be easier to make bricks were experimented with and tried to promote them. Plastic waste like plastic bottles,  containers, bags, and sand were used as main ingredients in plastic brick mixture alongside waste Styrofoam, used cooking oil. After testing out the product in different conditions like making interlocking bricks using different materials(plastics), different amounts, and temperatures and found ways to make bricks. And also after searching all over and after discussing we came up with a design that can make the plastic melting process lot easier and can use in large-scale production. Furthermore, the plastic melter’s design help in our aim of promoting this project, to create a business opportunity out of this process which will benefit us economically while recycling the plastic waste.

Team members:
209146 Sanoj Nisitha S. R. G.
209147 S.A.K. Pasan
209149 Perera H. C. V.
209150 Perera H. D. R. D.
209152 Perera P. I. U.
209155 Prabhashwara M. W. A. D. N.
209156 Prabath S. A. K. T.
209157 Jayasingha M. P.
209161 Premathilaka P. O. T. N.

Supervisor: Mr. H. M. S. M. Herath

Educational Gaming Platform

With the expansion of Corona, schools across the country had to close. Even in such a situation, school teachers focused on teaching their students to learn through online technology and also students had to conduct their studies through online technology. At the same time, school children had to face many difficulties due to the lack of adequate facilities for online study. While using the Internet, we felt that students in other grades have sufficient resources to study online, but the resources needed to help third and fourth-grade students were limited. In support of this, we started this project to support grade 3 and 4 academic endeavors through fun computer games with tutorials and fun quiz that was related to their syllabus. Eight offline games were created which was related to their main lessons with including tutorial sides. The knowledge gained from studying syllabus related tutorial slides while playing games, will eventually lead them to face the given question papers in Moodle web site.

Gaming platform web site link Here

Team members:

209194- P.D.C.S.SANJEEWA
209196- W.K.W.SANUKI
209211- W.A.D.S.U.SILVA
209218- B.S. UPEKHA 

Supervisor: Dr. Asanka Rajapakha

Creating a "YouTube" Channel to Conduct Practical Activities in Engineering Technology and Answer Technical Problems

Engineering technology today is as high as anywhere in the world globally. Today, even in the A / L streams under the Sri Lankan education system, the theoretical parts of the curriculum are being implemented properly, but the teachers as well as the students are having a hard time in the relevant practical activities.2019/2020 We, the students of the Faculty of Engineering Technology, Northwestern University, have submitted a proposal for this issue. Our main objective is to provide you with a simple, clear and proper YouTube channel that provides you with all the practical test components related to advanced civil engineering, civil, electrical, electronic and mechanical. There is a clear and accurate description of all the practical test related parts that can solve the problem so far.

You tube channel link Here


Team members: