Department of Mechanical and Manufacturing Technology

Message from the Department Head

Welcome to the Department of Mechanical and Manufacturing Technology at Wayamba University of Sri Lanka.

It is my honour to welcome you to the Department of Mechanical and Manufacturing Technology of Wayamba University of Sri Lanka. The Department of Mechanical and Manufacturing Technology started its functions in year 2018 and has developed its human and other resources to a remarkable state within a few years. At present, the maximum of 40 undergraduate students are admitted to the Department each year.

The Department offers the Bachelor of Engineering Technology Honours in Mechanical and Manufacturing Technology. The degree program mainly covers the technology and engineering subject areas of mechanical, manufacturing, and automobile. The degree also covers many other knowledge areas such as management, computing, and soft skill development in order to create marketable graduates.

The discipline of mechanical and manufacturing technology belongs to one of the broadest engineering disciplines in the world. It includes a number of subject areas that are common to other study streams and therefore the Department runs its degree program in collaboration with the Department of Construction Technology and the Department of Electrotechnology by sharing some common Course modules.

The Department has developed the resources to train undergraduates with modern technologies and design tools such as computer aided design (CAD) and computer aided manufacturing (CAM). Its laboratories are equipped with modern and sophisticated design software and manufacturing capabilities for students to develop skills and hands on experience during their undergraduate period. The course module related to automobile technology and modern vehicle technology provide students with exposure to present and future vehicle technology trends.

Students of the Department are given various opportunities to acquire additional qualifications and credentials in order to be competitive in the job market by the time of graduation. The Department also encourages students to develop entrepreneurship and leadership skills in order to prepare for leading roles in the society.

The Department promotes students to build a close relationship with the staff in order to receive full benefits of their free education opportunity. Volunteer learning and training opportunities at the laboratory available on demand. The comprehensive student handbook available in the Faculty website gives a complete information on the degree program and the facilities.

Finally I thank you for visiting our Department website and I invite you to contact us if you need any further information. You will be updated on our journey forward through our webpage.


Department of Mechanical and Manufacturing Technology,
Faculty of Technology,
Wayamba University of Sri Lanka,
Sri Lanka.


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To be the center of excellence in technology education, innovations, and research and developments through outstanding academic programmes


To educate, prepare, inspire, and mentor students to develop and excel as professional technologists in the fields of mechanical and manufacturing