Curriculum and Academic Development Committee

Committee Activities

Graduate Attributes of the University


  • Subject specialists
  • Research and intellectual inquiry

Skills and Competencies

  • Independent and critical thinking
  • Thrive in team environment and excel as leaders
  • Communication and information literacy
  • Resourceful and responsible

Attitudes and Mind-set

  • Lifelong learning
  • Professionalism, ambitious and passionate
  • Ethically and socially aware
  • Autonomy

In addition, the Graduates of the Wayamba University of Sri Lanka will have following attributes which arise across two or more domains.

  • Entrepreneurship
  • Adaptability
  • Ethical 

Graduate Profile of the Faculty

The graduates of the Faculty of Technology are capable of applying knowledge of basic sciences and engineering fundamentals in order to create innovative, viable, sustainable and ethical solutions to real-world technological problems. They have practical skills to use modern engineering tools and methods to solve technical problems and possess independent and lifelong learning skills. They are also trained to engage in research and development activities to identify and solve problems to make continuous improvements in existing systems.

Committee Members



Dr. I.P.M. Wickramasinghe

The Chair

Dr. A.M.N. Alagiyawanna

The Dean;

The Head – Department of Construction Technology

Prof. C.A.N. Fernando

The Head – Department of Nano Sciences & Technology

Dr. J.M.J.W. Jayasinghe

The Head – Department of Electrotechnology

Dr. I.P.M. Wickramasinghe

The Head – Department of Mechanical & Manufacturing Technology ; The Chair – Curriculum Academic Development Committee (CADC)

Dr. M.S. Kandanapitiye

The Coordinator – Faculty Quality Assurance Cell (FQAC)

Mr. W.A.D.G.I. Wanasinghe

Department of Construction Technology

Mrs. M.R.H.E. Bandara

Department of Electrotechnology

Mr. R.K.W.H.M.K. Elkaduwe

Department of Mechanical & Manufacturing Technology

Mrs. E.M.S.S.K.Ekanayake

Assistant Registrar