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  • ET-L4

    Semester 1 Industrial Training Individual Research Project Semester 2 Business & Industrial Law Innovative Technological Entrepreneurship Emerging Vehicle Technology Mechatronics and Industrial Automation High Voltage Technology Microcontroller-based Design Data and […]

  • ET-L3

    Semester 1 Entrepreneurship & Small Business Production and Operations Technology Solid and Hazardous Waste Management Electrical Installation Electrical Machines and Drives Instrumentation Semester 2 Human Resource Management Statistics for Engineering […]

  • ET-L2

    Semester 1 Engineering Drawing Engineering Mechanics I Computer Architecture Computer Architecture Economics for Technology Mathematics for Engineering Technology II English Language & communication skills I Semester 2 Presentation and Technical […]

  • ET-L1

    Semester 1 Engineering Measurements Ethics, Professionalism, and Society Computer Fundamentals Computer Programming Practical Computing Principles of Management Fundamental Mathematics I English Language Proficiency Course I Semester 2 Material Science Electrical […]