Faculty Quality Assurance Cell

Accreditation and Quality Assurance of Degree programmes

The Faculty Quality Assurance Cell (FQAC) of the Faculty of Technology has also been functioning since 2019 to facilitate implementation of Quality Assurance related policies of the University and University Grants Commission. The Bachelor of Engineering Technology degree is placed at level 6 of the Sri Lanka Qualification Framework (SLQF) and complies with the SLQF Level 6 Qualification Descriptor, Level Descriptor and Volume of Learning for a minimum 120 credits. Total duration of the degree programme is four academic years. Accordingly, the Bachelor of the Engineering Technology degree programme is recognized as an Honours degree.

The University Grants Commission has decided that the Bachelor of Engineering Technology Honours degree programmes to be recognized and accredited by the Institution of Engineers Sri Lanka (IESL), according to the Sydney Accord. The process is in progress for the IESL accreditation for all four BET degree programmes of the faculty.

Scope & Objectives

  • Facilitating the implementation of QA related policies in the faculty and university
  • Promoting quality enhancement activities within the faculty liaising with Curriculum & Academic Development Committee, Teaching Learning Committee, Student Staff Liaison Committee, Higher Degrees Committee and other faculty committees and Departments
  • Liaising with the CQA, QAC of University Grants Commission and the University Grants Commission in facilitating the conduct of required reviews in the faculty
  • Facilitating the implementation of follow-up actions recommended in review reports, monitoring the progress in their implantation and reporting to the QAMC in this regard
  • Liaising with quality assurance bodies in other higher educational institutions to share good practices and enhance the quality of higher education in the faculty
  • Supporting and monitoring the implementation of learning activities and assessments that promote the development of socio-emotional skills among students
  • Facilitating preparation of self-evaluation reports for programme reviews
  • Monitoring the student feedback mechanism for the academic programmes
  • Organizing and verifying the periodic monitoring and review of degree programmes of the faculty
  • Organizing, circulating and updating a complete electronic archive of all the documentation concerning the university’s QA process
  • Providing advice to the Faculty Board in relation to QA at the faculty level
  • Providing support to the faculty staff and students involved in QA related processes, through organizing training and furnishing guidelines, operating instructions and any other tool of use in fostering comprehension and application
  • Periodically reporting all above activities to the Faculty Board and QAMC through the Dean or the Coordinator of FQAC


Dr. A.M.N. Alagiyawanna

The Dean & Chair;

The Head – Department of Construction Technology

Dr. M.S. KandanapitiyeThe Coordinator – Faculty Quality Assurance Cell (FQAC) & Representing Department of Nano Sciences &  Technology
Prof. C.A.N. FernandoThe Head – Department of Nano Sciences & Technology; Chairperson – Faculty Higher Degree Committee
Dr. J.M.J.W. JayasingheThe Head – Department of Electrotechnology
Dr. I.P.M. WickramasingheThe Head – Department of Mechanical & Manufacturing Technology ; Chairperson – Faculty Curriculum Academic Development Committee (CADC)
Dr. U.S. De SilvaChairperson – Faculty Research & Publication Committee
Dr. R.A.N. DilrukshiDepartment of Construction Technology
Mrs. W.H.S.M. WickramasingheDepartment of Electrotechnology
Mr. K. P. P. SanjeevaDepartment of Mechanical & Manufacturing Technology
Mr. Awantha WijerathneAssistant Registrar
 The Librarian
Student Representatives