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  • NST-L4

    Semester 1 Industrial Training Research Project Semester 2 Special Areas in Nano Technology III Photovoltaic Technology Minerals Technology Professional and Employment Skills Development Entrepreneurship Skills Development Advanced Material Characterization Environmental […]

  • NST-L3

    Semester 1 Carbon Nanotechnology Statistical Methodology Mathematics for Nano Science Technology III Special Areas in Nano Technology II Marketing Management Electrical & Magnetic Properties of Materials Immunology Polymer Science Material […]

  • NST-L2

    Semester 1 Mathematics for Nano Science Technology I Fundamentals of Nano-Electronics Digital Electronics Introduction to Software Development Principles of Material Science Engineering Engineering Design & Drawings Physical Chemistry for Nanotechnology […]

  • NST-L1

    Semester 1 Elements of Nanoscience and Nanotechnology General Chemistry for Technology Basic Mathematics Cell Biology Fundamentals of Electronics Introduction to Computing Fundamentals of Physics I English for Technology I Outbound […]