Department of Mechanical and Manufacturing Technology

Laboratory Facilities

 Following laboratories and workshops of the department are equipped with advanced and modern facilities.

  • Machine Shop
  • Lathe Shop
  • Welding Shop
  • Carpentry Shop
  • Automobile Laboratory
  • Manufacturing Laboratory
  • Drawing Office
  • Physics Laboratory


Machine Shop

Machine Shop houses modern machining equipment including lathe machines, universal milling machine, and a shaping machine. Machineries in the workshop are free to use by students for their projects and also to gain hands-on experience on working on these machines. The workshop also enjoys the service of a well qualified and trained technical staff to guide students and provide technical support to operate the machines.

Lathe Shop

Lathe Shop is equipped with lathe machines for students to get hands-on experience on machining processes. Students get the opportunity to work on these lathe machines as a part of practical classes under certain modules of the degree program. These machines can also be used for student projects. Technical staff available at the workshop is readily available for students to get technical assistance regarding the operation of the machines.

Welding Shop

Welding Shop is dedicated to educate students on different types of welding processes used in the industry. Equipment available in the Welding Shop include TIG, MIG, electric arc, and spot-welding machines. These welding machines are available for students to use for their projects. Furthermore, the workshop also includes working areas which can be utilized for project works. Welding Shop is always supervised by highly qualified technical staff who provide constant guidance to the students.

Carpentry Shop

Carpentry Shop includes machines to educate students on carpentry. These wood-working machines can be accessed by students anytime for their projects with the assistance of the technical staff.

Automobile Laboratory

Automobile Laboratory facilitate students to study automobile components such as engines. The laboratory is equipped with latest state-of-the-art automotive technical tools like vehicle diagnostic systems (scanners), exhaust gas analyzers, and injector test kits. Students can access these equipment and use them for their projects or to get hands-on experience.

Drawing Office

The Drawing Office is currently used to conduct Engineering Drawing classes for the undergraduates of Level 2. Engineering drawing classes are offered for all the students regardless of their intended field of specialization. The drawing office is fully equipped with modern tools for engineering drawing and can facilitate upto 80 students at a time. The department currently has the ability to provide the students with complete sets of drawing equipment throughout the Engineering Drawing course duration.

Manufacturing Laboratory

The Manufacturing Laboratory is equipped with state-of-the art manufacturing systems including a CNC machine and a 3D printer. The laboratory is available for all the students who are working on their projects. Well qualified technical staff is also available in the laboratory to guide and train students on these state-of-the-art manufacturing machines.


Department of Mechanical and Manufacturing Technology,
Faculty of Technology,
Wayamba University of Sri Lanka,
Sri Lanka.


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