Mini Projects

What We Do...

Mini Projects are intended to prepare fresh students to work in a group setting under the guidance of their academic advisor in order to investigate and find solutions to a problem through their own initiatives and efforts while utilizing resources available to them. The project experience is expected to develop various skills such as creativity, imagination, team work, leadership, communication, and time management skills of the fresh students in addition to enhancing their ability to identify, formulate and solve problems. Areas of Mini Projects are not confined to engineering and technology but can be driven by the interests and capabilities of individual students groups. This module carries no credits but becomes a mandatory requirement to pass to satisfy the graduation requirements of the degree programme.

  • Academic Year 2019/2020

    1. Making Interlock Paving Bricks from Waste Plastic (Eco-Bricks)
    2. Educational Gaming Platform
    3. "YouTube" Channel to Conduct Practical Activities in Engineering Technology and Answer Technical Problems