Department of Construction Technology

Laboratory Facilities

Materials and Geotechnical Laboratory

Various types of modern equipment such as sieve analysis apparatus, Atterburge limits test apparatus, sand cone test apparatus, compaction testing apparatus, shear box apparatus, triaxial test apparatus, permeability and consolidation testing apparatus etc. are available for conducting the practical classes of geotechnical curriculum. Universal tensile testing machine, concrete cube crushing apparatus, AIV/ACV testing equipment, slump testing apparatus, cube testing machine etc. facilitate the practical sessions of the materials curriculum. The laboratory is equipped with a modern electrical oven to fulfill the needs in the entire Department.

Surveying and Highway Laboratory

The Surveying laboratory contains advanced surveying equipment such as total stations, digital levels and also two units of GNSS equipment. The laboratory is also equipped with basic surveying instruments such as theodolites and levels to conduct the surveying field works. The highway engineering testing apparatus such as bitumen ductilometer and Marshall testing apparatus are also available in the same laboratory.


Department of Construction Technology,
Faculty of Technology,
Wayamba University of Sri Lanka,
Sri Lanka.


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