Department of Construction Technology

Degree Program

The Bachelor of Engineering Technology Honours in Construction Technology (BETHons in Const Tech) degree programme is designed with the total credits of 120 to 126. Duration of the degree programme is 4 academic years (Level 1 – 4). Each academic year normally consists of two semesters (Semester I and II). The medium of instruction is English. Specialization courses are offered from Level 2 – Semester II onwards after selecting the students for different specialization areas.

The course units are designed to produce graduate engineering technologists with a broad knowledge in Construction Technology with relevant foundation knowledge in Mathematics, Basic Sciences, Information and Communication Technology. Course units under complementary studies provide the relevant non-technical subject knowledge to complement the technical subjects.

The BETHons in Const Tech degree programme consists of theory course units, practical course units, group design projects, individual research projects and industrial training etc. For the degree programme, the individual research project should be started during the industrial training period and completed by the end of Level 4 Semester II. The industrial training period is six months and students are placed in relevant industries for training through the National Apprentice and Training Authority (NAITA). Several non-GPA and/or GPA English course units are offered during the first four to six semesters. A student should attend a specified course of lectures, and perform specified works for practical/designs/field works/continuous assessments, and undertake projects, industrial training, seminars and other related works, during the course of study as approved by the Faculty as mandatory requirements.


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