Department of Electrotechnology

Laboratory Facilities

 Following laboratories and units of the department are equipped with advanced and modern facilities.

  •       Electrical and Electronics Laboratory
  •       Electrical machines & communications Laboratory
  •       Measurement Laboratory
  •       Computer laboratory

Electrical and Electronics Laboratory

The Electrical & Electronics Laboratory is well equipped and cater the needs of students according to the syllabus. The laboratory can facilitate around 40 students at one time. In this lab, the practical of courses such as Applied Electricity, Analog electronics and Digital Electronics are conducted. And the equipment for teach the basic principles of energy and electricity are also available in the laboratory as shown in Figures.

Electrical Machines & Communications Laboratory

This laboratory is equipped with ANSYS package software such as HFSS, Designer, Q3D Extractor, and SIwave which can be used for PCB designing, antenna designing, electromagnetic simulation etc. Chemical free automated PCB prototyping machine with latest technology used for printing circuits and Educational trainer kits used to enhance the technical skills of students are also available in the laboratory as shown in Figures.

Measurement Laboratory

Various types of electrical measurements are used in electrical engineering practice for measuring the different electrical parameters like voltage, current, power, unknown parameters etc. with precision & calibration of different types of instruments. 

The measurement laboratory is equipped with electrical and electronic measuring equipment as well as physical, thermal, mechanical and surveying equipment as shown in Figure. Proper use of measuring instruments is essential in order to obtain accurate measurements as well as to maintain measuring instruments in good condition.

Computer Laboratory

The computer laboratory can accommodate around 70 students and each computer has latest technology with internet facilities. Logger-Pro useful for data collection are installed on computers. Practical sessions of course units such as object oriented programming, computer programming, telecommunication technology, web designing and statistics for engineering technology are conducted in this laboratory.


Department of Electrotechnology,
Faculty of Technology,
Wayamba University of Sri Lanka,
Sri Lanka.


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